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Ene 12, 2024
AlexHost.com - Offshore Hosting DMCA Ignored Servers | Dedicated & VPS y Compartido
Perfecto para Warez, Adultos y mucho más!

You want to run an Internet project, but still don't know where to start?
First of all, you need to think about choosing the server where it will be located.
Need some help with that? Contact AlexHost directly, right now. We’ve been operating on the market since 2011, and during this time we’ve earned an impeccable reputation, which is confirmed by numerous positive feedback from customers.

Dedicated Servers

i7-9700 DDR4 / 32 GB RAM / 256 GB SSD - 80 euro / month
i7-9700 DDR4 / 16 GB RAM / 1 TB HDD - 70 euro / month
i5-4570 DDR3 / 16 GB RAM / 1 TB HDD - 49 euro / month
i3-2120 DDR3 / 8 GB RAM / 1 TB HDD - 35 euro / month
DualCore G4400 DDR4 / 4 GB RAM / 1 HDD TB - 25 euro / month
*All servers come with 1 Gbps shared


Plans VPS
VPS 1 - 1.5 GB RAM, 1 core, 10 GB SSD, IPv4 - 4 euro month or 11.88 euro / year
VPS 2 - 4 GB RAM, 2 cores, 40 GB SSD, IPv4 - 10 euro month or 60 euro / year
VPS 3 - 8 GB RAM, 4 cores, 80 GB SSD, IPv4 - 16 euro month or 144 euro / year
*All servers come with 100 Mbps guaranteed.


Plans Hosting
5 sites, 5 Mysql Databases, 1GB SSD Disk, Cpanel - 10 euro / year
20 sites, 20 Mysql Databases, 5GB SSD Disk, Cpanel - 30 euro / year
Unlimited Sites, Unlimited Mysql Databases, 10GB SSD Disk, Cpanel - 70 euro / year
*Unlimited Traffic & Free Anti DDoS Protection

Project storage location
All special equipment is stored in our own AlexHost data center. It is located in the Republic of Moldova (Chisinau) in the bomb shelter of the former military plant (at a depth of 5 meters below the ground), hence we guarantee the absolute security of confidential data. Our technicians work in 24/7 mode, ready to immediately fix any problem that occurs.

Technical support
If you have any questions, you can always contact our 24h S.R.L.AlexHost customer support team, which will provide you with the prompt and highest quality assistance.

Anonymity and confidentiality
Our company is registered in the territory of the Republic of Moldova (legal information at . We observe all the legislative norms of the Republic of Moldova and guarantee utterly legal and transparent cooperation. We use only licensed software, which allows us to ensure the maximum anonymity and confidentiality of our customers (we don’t require passport scans or other documents to prove the identity of the customer).

Refund Policy
AlexHost company guarantees you a refund of the deposited funds, within the first 30 days after payment, in case you are not satisfied with the quality of services. The money back guarantee applies only to hosting services, virtual servers (VPS)

Payments Available:

Credit/Debit Card
BTC Bitcoin / Monero (XMR), Litecoin, Dashcoin
Credit Balance

*Do you have any questions regarding Payment Methods? Contact Support.

Email : info@alexhost.com
Tel. : + (373) 22 87-87-87
Web : https://alexhost.com